About me

I trained 20 years ago in Humanistic Person Centred Counselling. I then for 5 years, moved into working with recovering addicts as a group and 1-1 therapist in Norfolk. It was then I began to gather tools to work with trauma; these tools also transfer beautifully to non trauma therapy.

Over the next 15 years or so I have been committed to further training aspiring to be as effective in holding the space for people to heal as I can. My toolbox of further trainings include, NLP and Hypnotherapy, CBT, Traumatology and Lifespan Integration.

I have had quite a journey of integrating more directive and structured approaches into my ‘trust the client’ model without compromising either seeming pole. I have come to a place of using all perspectives as needed, like a dance, sometimes more still and sometimes more active in response to what the client brings.

It is exciting times in the therapy world as so much is being discovered about the body mind system and the neuroscience behind effective therapy. For this reason I often call on  “Lifespan Integration Therapy (LI)”. LI uses timelines to literally (neurologically) show the body-mind system that the past trauma/pain is over and that whatever strategies were needed to survive then, can now, safely be upgraded. My experience tells me that change only occurs when whole body mind insights happen. When it is really seen that the cost of staying the same outweighs the cost of change, only then can the old reactive ways of survival melt away.

I love to work with ‘parts’ or sub-personalities. It is also fascinating to me that that we all seem to have ‘parts’ to our psyche and that the protector parts, who's job is to keep us safe (and have usually done a pretty good job)  needs to be respected and understood fully before the vulnerable parts feel safe enough to come out and be healed and integrated.

I am a certified teacher and facilitator in a process called feeding your demons, which captures this approach well.

I have particular interests in trauma, gender and sexual diversity and positive creative ritual.

Currently my main influences and inspirations come from Peggy Pace, Janina Fisher, Peter Levine, Tsultrim Allione and Richard Schwartz (Internal Family Systems).

I practice from a beautiful, safe and spacious room in The Wilbury Clinic in Hove which I run with my partner Sudakini.

I am a qualified active Supervisor and also deliver continuing professional development trainings in Sussex and beyond.

About me

Counselling / Psychotherapy and Supervision

Humanistic / Integrative

Traumatology Pgdip

Lifespan integration certified

“Wholeness is not achieved by cutting off a portion of ones being, but by integration of the contraries” - C.G. Jung